Sorry, again, for disappearing off the face of the earth. Things have been crazy lately, but unlike my last post, things have been crazy in great ways rather than in crappy ways. To begin with, last Friday, Jason officially got a promotion at work (we work for the same company in different departments, something I wouldn’t change for anything — some people say that work romances are bad news, but I love that I get to drive to and from work with my fiancĂ© every day, as well as that I can eat lunch with him every day). Then on Monday I got a promotion as well. So yay us! I’m still pretty psyched about that. With promotions comes extra work though & I’ve been busting my ass at work lately, so I haven’t had much time to brainstorm posts lately. Continue reading


Hotel Block Help Needed

So awhile back I set up a block of rooms at a hotel near our wedding venue. They have great prices for the area & a free shuttle to & from the hotel, so I was happy to have easily marked the task off my to-do list. I put the information for the hotel in our wedding invitations & we were all set.
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As of today there are 333 days until our wedding. 3 is my favorite number, so it seemed only fitting that I get something wedding related taken care of in honor of the big 333. A few months ago, I made preliminary plans with a hotel near our venue. They didn’t officially allow hotel blocks to be booked until the event is 11 months away & we finally passed that mark over the weekend, so I sent the man I was working with previously an email to make a few small changes to our contract & get things finalized. Continue reading


We’re down to 450 days until the wedding… Still forever away, but the 50 days since I stated that we had 500 days remaining flew by. I seriously feel like that was last week. How exactly is it March already?
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No response from the hotel… I suppose that’s fair enough, I know I’m far too early in the scheme of things, but reading about other brides-to-be hurrying to book their venue & the a block of rooms at a hotel nearby got me hopeful that it may be something I would be able to get done early on in the process.
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