Operation Sephora: Bridal Makeover

Yesterday, I had an appointment at our local Sephora, set up by my friend/bridesmaid/wedding makeup guru through Sephora.com. Basically, so long as you commit to spending a minimum of $50 (which I definitely did), they’ll give you a makeover for … Continue reading

Tried & True: Skin Care Routine

Keeping with my general pattern of being an over planner, I’ve been working on the second item of this month 2-3 checklist (courtesy of The Knot) for months now:

Why wait until 2-3 months from the wedding to start a beauty regimen? I’m pretty sure I can make myself look more presentable over the course of 20 months than I can in 2-3… just saying.
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Pre-Wedding Chop

The standard thing to do when you’re a bride-to-be preparing for your wedding is to let you hair grow & grow & grow. When we got engaged I already had been growing my hair out, so it was pretty long:


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The Things We Do…

Months ago, I went to my first bridal show with my mom before she moved to Phoenix. It is a direct result of this bridal show that some friends of mine (who shall remain nameless) & I did what we did tonight.
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