Painting for the Weekend

It’s 9:15pm and Jason just had to practically force me to stop painting. I am not someone who enjoys painting, despite the frequency in which I do decide that painting is necessary. After painting the doors white last month, I swore that I would not voluntarily start another painting project in this house (I still have to finish painting the upstairs room… That room will be the death of me with its wood paneling that is impossible to cover up) & yet here I am, freakishly excited for another painting project.

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Making the Best of It

The only constant in life is change, right? I think that’s how the saying goes. Well, Jason & I recently realized that as much as we (I) would like to sell our house and upgrade to something newer, nicer, bigger and in a better part of town, financially it’s just not in the cards right now. For some reason, no one in our neighborhood has been paying their mortgages for the past few years and suddenly we’ve been overrun with houses that are short-sales, foreclosures, estate sales, etc. (side note: this is an exaggeration, there are people who do pay their mortgages in our neighborhood). What this means for us is that in order to sell our house we would have to take a hit on it in addition to throwing more money into it in order to get people interested in it in the first place. You see where this is going… we’re trapped. Continue reading

Project Kitchen: Floors!

Hello! I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving & Black Friday (& Thursday)! I’m not going to lie, Jason & I went shopping on both Thursday (Target & Best Buy) and Friday (Target: round two, Petsmart, Kohl’s, Famous Footwear, DSW, Marshall’s, & most importantly of all Home Depot). We got some great deals & are now the proud owners of a new digital camera, Kitchenaid standmixer, clothes, games, presents for others, & of course, the best deal we stumbled into for Black Friday:

The floating tile we used in our bathroom (which has held up amazingly over the last year) that we plan on continuing into our kitchen.
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Articulating Man Lift

Jason & I woke up bright & early this morning to go to a tool rental store & pick up an articulating man lift. With the help of my brother, Jason’s dad, Jason’s boss man, & our neighbors we got a giant dying tree cut down in our front yard in approximately 8 hours for a grand total of $ 185 (cost of the rental), rather than the $1,000+ it would have cost to have the tree professionally cut down. Jason’s boss also cut out the big ugly shrubs that framed our front door when I told him how much I hated them… I ran up to Home Depot & filled I that area with some 50% off flowers… Pretty excited about that.

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Our Weekend in Pictures: Round Two

Jason, our neighbor/groomswoman, & I really know how to get crazy on weekends. Yesterday we got home & Jason decided to finish edging the sidewalks & driveway (a project we started on Thursday), which then lead to him wanting to clean the garage & me wanting to pressure wash anything & everything. I don’t have pictures of that part because I was busy pressure washing the heck out of the sidewalks, driveway, patio & house & clean garages aren’t that exciting. The good thing is that we can now park our car in the garage. Yay!
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