Back to the Wedding

I’m back with the regularly scheduled wedding planning. Our wedding is 115 days from today & it is time to make the final few purchases, finalize some details and organize, organize, organize.
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Advocare: Day Twenty

Day 20 and things are looking good. 236.8 pounds this morning after a 60 minute/603 calorie burning treadmill session last night. I celebrated by trying on my wedding dress, because that is a reward for me these days. It is soooo close to fitting, if I could just find a way to harness these boobs of mine in. I think I’m going to going to order my longline bra this week so I can see if that makes a difference at all in the way it fits. Continue reading

Mixing Metals

Lately I have been mildly obsessed with the idea of mixing metals in my wedding set. My engagement ring is white gold & looks like this:

I don’t have a picture, but it came as a set, so I already have a wedding band that curves to match up perfectly with my engagement ring. The thing is, I have small hands/short fingers & I feel like this makes my engagement less delicate looking & kind of bulky. Which brought me to the idea of getting a very thin band to wear as my wedding band instead of the matching ring. Continue reading

Lovely Lavender

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I’ve mainly been finishing up existing projects such as:

• five more cupcake stands
• collecting more silver platters for the dessert table
• tying together (literally) our Save-the-Dates information

One new “project” that I am working on, if you would like to call it that, involves dried lavender. I have been stressing out about the floral aspect of our wedding pretty much since we got engaged. I was completely unwilling to spend hundreds of dollars on flowers that are going to die soon after the wedding. I initially thought I would go with pearl bouquets, but that ended up being really, really time consuming and they weren’t turning out as I had hoped. Then I thought maybe the bridesmaids could carry something non-floral… lanterns were leading the way in that race. Next, I decided that I would just buy a bunch of flowers the day before the wedding & do a quick, random bouquet and hope for the best.

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Table Numbers Continued

Let me take you back, back into time… This is a project I began in January, so you could say its been a little while. I ordered printable table numbers forever ago, trimmed them to the appropriate size & forgot all about them. Early in the summer I bought some flower table number stands from Craigslist for $10. In order for the table numbers to stand up in these stands, I knew that I would need to put some sort of backing on them… but I didn’t feel like it because its sort of a boring, tedious task. So again, I put the project aside.

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