Suzy Homemaker is a B*tch

You would think that with 3 months to go, I would be in full blown wedding mode. Instead I have skipped over to Suzy Homemaker mode, focusing on redecorating, cleaning and organizing around the house. Continue reading


Operation Sephora: Bridal Makeover

Yesterday, I had an appointment at our local Sephora, set up by my friend/bridesmaid/wedding makeup guru through Basically, so long as you commit to spending a minimum of $50 (which I definitely did), they’ll give you a makeover for … Continue reading

100 Days!

Today I checked a wedding app on my phone and saw this:

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Painting for the Weekend

It’s 9:15pm and Jason just had to practically force me to stop painting. I am not someone who enjoys painting, despite the frequency in which I do decide that painting is necessary. After painting the doors white last month, I swore that I would not voluntarily start another painting project in this house (I still have to finish painting the upstairs room… That room will be the death of me with its wood paneling that is impossible to cover up) & yet here I am, freakishly excited for another painting project.

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