Quick Update: Gallery Wall Progress

I must be feeling better, because I got the sudden urge to grab a hammer at 9:45 tonight… After multiple picture position switches, this is what I’ve got so far, although I’m positive that I’ll be switching things around as I gather more pictures. Obviously it’s lopsided right now… I plan on putting the memory box & two 5x7s on that side to even things out.
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Gallery Wall: It’s a Process

Yesterday, I shared my love for gallery walls. Well, a day passed & I received my Shutterfly order today — crazy fast!
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Gallery Walls

Does anyone else have an obsession with gallery walls? I am a huge fan of a wall full of photos, whether they be personal pictures or random collections of paintings, photos etc. Now that we’ve seen our engagement pictures, I’m ready to start on what will be an on-going decor project for the next couple years. Continue reading

Wedding Party App

Pinterest really is a wonderful place, full of all kinds of genius wedding planning ideas. One of my favorite recent discoveries (or re-discoveries, since I pinned this for my sister’s wedding last June & never actually made use of it until now) is a downloadable app called Wedding Party App.
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