Revealed: Coffee Table & Living Room Revamp

I should never promise to post things the next day, as things have a way of not working out. Finishing up the coffee table took a bit longer than expected because I skipped one very important step (especially when you have two dogs in the house) — wiping the table down before polyurethaning the piece of furniture. By skipping this step I got tons of dog hair in the final finish and had to sand it, do some touch up painting and then polyurethane it a second time. Stupid. After all of that, I’m very happy with how it turned out, although we do need to seek out some new knobs asap.


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Failed DIY Project: Saved!

Apparently this weekend revolves around reviving wedding projects that I started ages ago. It may be a good thing that we’re having a 20 month engagement after all. This is a project that I started working on last December, involving repurposed wine bottles. I spray painted a bunch of bottles pink, decided I didn’t really care for them & meant to throw them out ages ago, but never got around to it. Instead they stayed in our basement until a week or so ago, when I brought two of them upstairs & decided I was going to figure out something to do with them.
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Quick Update: Gallery Wall Progress

I must be feeling better, because I got the sudden urge to grab a hammer at 9:45 tonight… After multiple picture position switches, this is what I’ve got so far, although I’m positive that I’ll be switching things around as I gather more pictures. Obviously it’s lopsided right now… I plan on putting the memory box & two 5x7s on that side to even things out.
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Gallery Wall: It’s a Process

Yesterday, I shared my love for gallery walls. Well, a day passed & I received my Shutterfly order today — crazy fast!
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Escort Cards

Prior to heading to downtown to go to the car show today I forced Jason to go to Hobby Lobby (aka heaven on earth) to pick up a few supplies for my newest craft attempt that I discussed briefly yesterday. Now, I am fully aware that it way too early to be working on these, but I’m just getting them started now for completion next year. Like I said yesterday, I want to get things like this done early since it is going to be a time consuming task.
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