Help a Girl Out?

I have a favor to ask… Does anyone happen to know where one finds balloons like these?


I stumbled into them on Pinterest & am now completely obsessed, but a google search is getting me no closer to making them mine! If I’m allowed to be picky in my favor requesting I’d actually prefer the, in silver… Or navy… Or pink…. But I want them to appear in some form at our wedding!

If anyone knows where I can find them I would be forever grateful! 🙂

PS. I spoke too soon! A search for gold letter balloons was successful, while a search for gold love balloons was not! $3.95 for each letter at this store! And they’re available in silver! Yay!


Jason & I aren’t really the theme wedding type, but I’ve been looking through Pinterest among other wedding related websites & I’ve been noticing quite a few wedding themes that actually came together very nicely. Continue reading

Table Numbers

I’ve been on a bit of a printables kick this weekend. In addition to yesterday’s project, I ordered table number printables from an incredible etsy seller who specializes in printables. Continue reading

Repurposing Wine Bottles

A few posts ago, I mentioned that to date I’ve had more DIY crafting failures than successes at this point in the game. I think part of this stems from the fact that I am overly ambitious in my crafting attempts. I don’t quite have the true artistic touch that I need to fully pull some of these projects off… That being said, any lack of talent that I may have certainly doesn’t stop me from attempting my DIY projects. What’s the worst that can happen, really?

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