The Great Chair Saga

Jason & I are planning on having a relatively short ceremony, so I’ve been debating for quite some time as to whether or not we should bother with having chairs for all 190-ish invited guests or if we could pull off a super quick ceremony with the onlookers standing around the gazebo. Continue reading

Mmm Cupcakes!

Today I made an appointment for what will be Jason’s favorite part of wedding planning: the cake tasting. My parents are coming in town at the end of this month for my brother’s college graduation. Since I only know that my parents will be here twice before May 2014, I want to take advantage of their presence for some wedding related tasks. My plan is to hopefully purchase my wedding dress when they come in September for my cousin’s wedding, so this visit I decided to go the cake tasting route (cake tasting for our cupcakes for our dessert table, of course). Continue reading

The Glass Barn

Approximately 100 years ago, I began working on my Mason jar centerpieces. Well, I glued lace to every Mason jar I owned at the time, put those away in our basement, & haven’t thought much of it sense. The problem with this is I only did 13 large Mason jars & only 7 small Mason jars… I need one for each table & I’m estimating we will have 20 tables total. I keep meaning to buy more Mason jars, but I didn’t actually make a list of exactly how many more I needed of each type until last week. Yesterday, I decided that Jason & I were finally going to hit up The Glass Barn in Cincinnati’s Wedding District.

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The Knot: Ohio

I’ve spent the last two hours quarantined in our bedroom while Jason took over the living room to watch the Notre Dame vs. Alabama game. I’m not really a fan of college football, plus I feel like complete crap still, so lying in bed with a magazine we received at the bridal show yesterday sounded like an ideal way to spend my evening.
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Wendy’s Bridal Show

My Ohio-bridesmaids & I made the trip downtown today to attend the Wendy’s Bridal Show at the Duke Convention Center. Continue reading