Checking Things Off the List

I was reviewing The Knot’s wedding checklist and the items on my to-do list are dwindling down to nothing, which feels so damn good. After all this, long engagements for the win!

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Suit Up!

Jason, his brother and I went on a suit buying outing today. Not knowing a thing about suits, I figured it’d be a good idea to do a preliminary suit searching so we can figure out what color of gray suit Jason will be wearing (which then determines what color of gray the groomsmen will be wearing) and where we should make this suit purchase.

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Indecisive: The Long Road to Saying “Yes” to the Dress

One constant throughout the last 13 months is my indecisiveness, especially when it comes to my dress. I’ve been dress shopping in Dayton, Cincinnati, Orlando, and Phoenix. I’ve been to Aldred Angelo (Dayton & Orlando/Alatamonte Springs), Cincinnati’s Bridal District, and Strut Bridal. I can honestly say I’ve had pretty good experiences at every place I’ve been, despite being a street size 18 (maybe a 16 now? My size 18 jeans were falling off me yesterday!). Today I went to a plus size bridal shop to have one final dress searching experience, since I am down 30 pounds since I last tried on dresses & because I am so damn indecisive when it comes to dresses. With 7 months to go, it is time to get my dress order in at last!

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Today marked a pretty big milestone for me both wedding and weight-wise. I officially crossed over the 30 pound weight loss mark (30.4 to be exact!) and hit my wedding dress ordering weight loss goal! I’m going to hold off on ordering until the weekend following this upcoming weekend because a) as I’m ordering my dress online & I need to find a local tailor to take my measurements & recommend a size for me, something I’ll go into more detail about in a moment (ordering from which has a real shop somewhere in Minnesota – I’m ordering an actual Mori Lee dress, not a Chinese replica) and b) I want to make sure I’ve solidly lost these 30 pounds… my weight has a tendency to creep up the day after I hit a milestone, so I don’t want to prematurely celebrate hitting my 30 pound goal. Continue reading

Weight Watchers: Month One Progress Report

It’s been about a month since I joined Weight Watchers, so it feels like the right time to have a weight loss progress post. One month in & I’ve officially lost 10.2 pounds. My goal is to lose around 30 by the time I go to get measured to order my wedding dress in September, so I’m pleased that I’m losing weight as scheduled.
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