Wedding Dresses

I have to begin this post with a warning to Jason — do not read any further! Do not open this post! Go away!
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Jason & I arrived in Florida early Tuesday & have been enjoying what Florida has to offer (aka my family & warm weather) ever since. The most important news is that my gorgeous niece was born on Sunday, April 7th after my badass sister endured 36 hours of labor. This was no easy task, as this baby weighed in at 10 pounds, 9 ounces! I think I speak for my sister & her husband when I say she was totally worth it though!


Jason & I are here through Sunday. So far we’ve been to Sea World & Cocoa Beach in addition to lots of Lacey admiring. It’s going to be hard leaving them in a few days!!!









Save-the-Dates: Final Product

We haven’t left for Florida just yet… We leave tonight when Jason gets home for work. I’m sitting at home “supervising” the installation of our new air conditioning unit & as luck would have it, the final thing that I needed to complete our Save-the-Dates arrived in the mail today! Continue reading


Today is the first of my ten glorious vacation days. The last time I had this many days off in a row, I went to Florida for my little sister’s wedding. This time, less than a year later, we’re headed back to Florida to meet our niece, who should be making her appearance into the world any day now.
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