The One with the Nightstands

A few years ago, when I first bought my house (which is not the house we currently live in, we moved into Jason’s house due to it being much larger than mine), I stumbled across a great deal on a pair of end tables on my favorite website, Craigslist. These tables were pretty beat up, but I had a feeling I could clean them up & make them into night stands for my bedroom with minimal effort.
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Labor Day Project #3: Door Knobs (The Beginning)

Our final project for Labor Day is something I’ve been lusting over on Pinterest for some time now. I recently stumbled upon LiveLoveDIY’s method for spray painting ugly door knobs & decided it was time to make this a reality in our house.
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Labor Day Project #2: Centerpieces

I began working on our centerpieces last year, so it’s definitely time to finish these up. I have enough mason jars for 20 tables, but only 10 spray painted vases. I’ve been looking on & off for more vases that are this size & shape — I’ve heard rumors of them existing at the dollar store, but I haven’t had any luck finding them so far. At this point, I kind of just want to be done with these things, so I decided to come up with a Plan B.
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Finished at Last

Finally, finally, finally the buffet is finished! As I said before, this project ended up being a huge pain in the ass & it’s still not perfect — I hate polyurethane with a passion! — but it certainly serves its purpose well, already freeing up a ton of room in our kitchen cabinets. Plus, I think it looks pretty. I won’t go into too much detail since I’ve dragged this project on for several posts already, so here are some pictures after the jump: Continue reading