True Life: I’m Addicted to Planning

I have a confession: I am an over-planner. I know I’ve touched on this before, but lately it’s gotten even worse. I feel pretty confident in stating that the wedding is to blame. Or more accurately, the fact that the wedding is still so freaking far away is to blame. Continue reading


After we received the proposal from Vonderhaar’s last night, I decided it was time to re-organize my wedding planner. Continue reading

Secret Bridesmaid Groups on Facebook?

I am lucky enough to have 6 wonderful women who have agreed to be my bridesmaids on my wedding day — 4 amazing friends and my 2 sisters (who are also amazing friends). My four friends live in the same city as me, although on the other side of the city since I moved in with my fiance back in March, but my sisters are both located in different cities in Florida & my Mom, who I want to be a part of everything wedding related recently moved out to Arizona in order to avoid suffering through another Ohio winter.  Continue reading

First comes love, then comes planning…

It has been said that I am nothing if not an over-planner. So when my fiancé, Jason & I got engaged on September 22, 2012 & decided that we would not be getting married until May 31, 2014 it should have set off warning alarms in all those closest to me that I was going to go overboard with all kinds of wedding planning for the next TWENTY-ONE months. This blog will follow all my DIY crafts, planning, and general wedding craziness leading up to our wedding day.
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