Pearl Bouquet: Part Two

Okay, I lied… One more post for January, then I’ll be quiet until Sunday most likely. I decided to break out my pearl bouquet to see exactly how much bouquet 24 yards of wire & five strands of pearls made.
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Dress Dreams

Whoo hoo! With this post I’ve officially posted every day in January & met my personal goal. From here on out I’ll likely be posting less frequently although certainly not so much so that more than a few days go between posts. Hopefully this will just result in better, more wedding-specific posts for you to enjoy! Continue reading

Two More Days

I only have two more days of posting to do before I reach my goal of posting every day of January & naturally I’ve completely run out of wedding related topics. Just my luck! Semi-wedding related based solely on the fact that I’d like to be much thinner when I make my walk down that aisle in a beautiful white dress, I did make it to the gym today… Finally. I’ve been working out on the treadmill in our basement on & off, but honestly other than making it in for a weigh-in at the beginning of January, I haven’t been to the gym since right before Thanksgiving.
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Sick again…

I’m currently at home sick for the second time in January. Lets just say that I got the flu shot back in October & have now had the flu twice. This is ridiculous & honestly really disgusting. I just gathered all my strength to get out of bed & Lysol everything in this house since Jason has yet to get over his sickness either. While I was up I decided I could take advantage of having the house to myself & the pups in their rooms…
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Bouquet Project

Ebay sellers must have had access to ridiculously fast shipping this past week. I ordered five strands of ivory pearls & 24 yards of 24 gauge jewelry wire for my attempt at making a pearl bouquet on Friday & I’ve already received both items!
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