Bad Blogger.

I’ve been slacking in the blogging department lately! A lot has been going on the last few weeks… In the interest of not writing a 20-page blog entry, I’ll briefly summarize: Continue reading


The Great (Last Name) Debate

The other day my boss & I got in a discussion — we recently hired a new employee & his last name is impossible to pronounce, which adds to our growing population of hard to pronounce names in the department (3 out of 7 people with the addition of the new guy). My boss considers me to be on the easy to pronounce last name side and asked if I was going to be changing my name once Jason & I get married. This spiraled into a conversation about feminism and women keeping their maiden name after getting married or hyphenating their last name to keep their identity while also acknowledging their husband’s name. Continue reading


This week I’m in Phoenix for a combo visit with the family and work conference, so my posts will be infrequent. So far I am loving it out here… I could totally handle waking up, going swimming, & then enjoying the Phoenix heat, which I will admit, is much better than the Ohio heat I’m used to. The next few days are mainly dedicated to my conference meetings, so I’ll probably be MIA for a bit. On Thursday, my mom, sister & I are going to a plus-size bridal store out here though, so I will definitely post about that experience later this week.

I hope everyone has a great week!

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Gallery Walls

Does anyone else have an obsession with gallery walls? I am a huge fan of a wall full of photos, whether they be personal pictures or random collections of paintings, photos etc. Now that we’ve seen our engagement pictures, I’m ready to start on what will be an on-going decor project for the next couple years. Continue reading

My How Times Have Changed…

My friends & I were talking over the weekend about what we want to do in our lives. I’m the odd-ball out because traveling & getting to see the world are not high on my list of priorities right now… Perhaps it’s because Jason & I are engaged, or because my sister is about to have her first baby next month, but at this point in my life, my priorities are all in the “start a family basket”. I can’t wait to marry Jason & have a wonderful husband who will become a wonderful father to our children in the not too distant future post-wedding.
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