Advocare: Day Twenty

Day 20 and things are looking good. 236.8 pounds this morning after a 60 minute/603 calorie burning treadmill session last night. I celebrated by trying on my wedding dress, because that is a reward for me these days. It is soooo close to fitting, if I could just find a way to harness these boobs of mine in. I think I’m going to going to order my longline bra this week so I can see if that makes a difference at all in the way it fits. Continue reading

Back in the Swing of Things

Hello! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! Jason & I just returned home from Phoenix a few hours ago — for the first time ever, each of my 5 siblings & their significant others (+1 baby!) and our parents were in the same place at the same time, which was incredible. It’s still crazy to me that we’re all old enough to have each gone our separate ways & no longer all live in the same city. I can’t imagine a place that I’d rather be during the holidays than in a gorgeous, warm city like Phoenix with all of my immediate family. The next time we will all be in the same place at the same time will be at Jason & I’s wedding in May so we don’t have to wait long between “reunions” this time around! Continue reading

Silhouette Portrait Heat Transfers

You guys. I told you earlier this month about the magical Silhouette Portrait that my wonderful mom bought me as an early birthday present. Well, I’ve had some time to play with it & I am officially in love. So in love that I’m going to spoil a surprise that I made for my lovely bridesmaids by posting about what I made tonight (I’m 99.9% sure that out of each of these ladies, I will be the only one who is so freaking excited about this project anyway). Continue reading

What Goes With Wine? Monograms!

Bridesmaids, read at your own risk… This gives away one of your gifts, so if you want to be completely surprised, back away… But if you want to read, I’m fine with that in this case since several of you know I was planning to do something like this anyway. Continue reading

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Today MoH Life Saver, Bridesmaid Busy Bee, & Groomslady (I need a nickname for her!) went bridesmaid dress shopping in the Bridal District. We met at the place where we’re getting our cupcakes from for the wedding to have some coffee & then headed down the street hoping to go to Bridal & Formal, then Wendy’s Bridal. Well… That didn’t work out, as Bridal & Formal was closed for Father’s Day. That’s the third strike with that store for me, so I’m not making any effort to go back there again in the future. Instead we just went to Wendy’s Bridal & the ladies grabbed a handful of dresses that met my chiffon & knee length requirement & got to work in the fitting rooms.
Continue reading