Back to the Wedding

I’m back with the regularly scheduled wedding planning. Our wedding is 115 days from today & it is time to make the final few purchases, finalize some details and organize, organize, organize.
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Lovely Lavender

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I’ve mainly been finishing up existing projects such as:

• five more cupcake stands
• collecting more silver platters for the dessert table
• tying together (literally) our Save-the-Dates information

One new “project” that I am working on, if you would like to call it that, involves dried lavender. I have been stressing out about the floral aspect of our wedding pretty much since we got engaged. I was completely unwilling to spend hundreds of dollars on flowers that are going to die soon after the wedding. I initially thought I would go with pearl bouquets, but that ended up being really, really time consuming and they weren’t turning out as I had hoped. Then I thought maybe the bridesmaids could carry something non-floral… lanterns were leading the way in that race. Next, I decided that I would just buy a bunch of flowers the day before the wedding & do a quick, random bouquet and hope for the best.

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Hair Bling

Now that I know what my dress is going to look like, I’m ready to start focusing on my overall “bridal look.” One thing that I’ve struggled with is what kind of hair accessory I want to wear.
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Pearl Bouquet: Part Two

Okay, I lied… One more post for January, then I’ll be quiet until Sunday most likely. I decided to break out my pearl bouquet to see exactly how much bouquet 24 yards of wire & five strands of pearls made.
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The Real Deal

The question of using real or fake flowers in a wedding is hardly a new topic in wedding planning. I’m pretty sure I remember seeing some awful artificial flowers pop up throughout my youth at various wedding related activities, so that means they existed as far back as the 80s & I would venture to guess they existed before that too.
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