Our Weekend in Pictures: Round Two

Jason, our neighbor/groomswoman, & I really know how to get crazy on weekends. Yesterday we got home & Jason decided to finish edging the sidewalks & driveway (a project we started on Thursday), which then lead to him wanting to clean the garage & me wanting to pressure wash anything & everything. I don’t have pictures of that part because I was busy pressure washing the heck out of the sidewalks, driveway, patio & house & clean garages aren’t that exciting. The good thing is that we can now park our car in the garage. Yay!
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A Brief Kitchen Update

Our kitchen, while far from complete, is coming together nicely… The most recent development being that we now have an actual pantry in the room — attached to the wall & everything! I just need to put the polyurethane coat on tomorrow & then we can attach the doors & call that a done deal. Jason also put the sealant on the backsplash today, so after we get the pencil tile to add to the top, that’ll be done too & I can do some final paint touchups so it looks all nice & pretty. Continue reading

Lookin’ Good

Jason & I woke up this morning & went to work on our never-ending kitchen renovation. After a detour at Macy’s to get Jason some new work shirts we headed to Builder’s Surplus to purchase a new pantry & some shelves. $250 later we had this: Continue reading

Kitchen Renovation: Progress Through Pictures

I previously mentioned that we are in the middle of an on-again-off-again kitchen renovation. When I first moved in last year, Jason had upgraded the appliances, but nothing else, so it was run down & gross looking. Add to that the male roommates he had living here & it was actually completely disgusting. We did some hardcore cleaning the first week I moved in. Now I’ve been living here for nearly 1.5 years & we now have a running dishwasher & water running through the fridge, plus I previously painted the shiny white walls a pale blue (I wanted green, but Jason hates green). Now we have the cabinets done (aside from some touchups), so we just need the countertops we bought last week to be installed, flooring to be replaced & a backsplash put up.
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