Revealed: Coffee Table & Living Room Revamp

I should never promise to post things the next day, as things have a way of not working out. Finishing up the coffee table took a bit longer than expected because I skipped one very important step (especially when you have two dogs in the house) — wiping the table down before polyurethaning the piece of furniture. By skipping this step I got tons of dog hair in the final finish and had to sand it, do some touch up painting and then polyurethane it a second time. Stupid. After all of that, I’m very happy with how it turned out, although we do need to seek out some new knobs asap.



You can hardly see the broken corner, so I’m very pleased with that outcome.

The living room has had a few more developments, thanks to my amazing neighbor and Jason’s groomswoman insisting on taking me shopping for new home decor to better match the cool toned colors that have replaced the warm toned orange hue since we painted. She bought us awesome new curtains, throw pillows and a rug, which needs to be exchanged, but will show up in he near future. Thank you, Vicki for the early wedding gifts!

I’ve also been focusing on organizing everything in the house lately. I love how these baskets corral our DVDs and make the entertainment area look so much sleeker:


Finally, my obsession with gold decor continues. I purchased this retro gold clock to place above my thrift shop artwork find from a few weeks ago and love how it fills the wall above all my leaning pictures.

I finally feel at peace with our home, it really feels comfortable to me now. I’m sure a million more changes will be made throughout the time we love here, but I’m so happy with the direction things are going at this point!


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