Silhouette Portrait Heat Transfers

You guys. I told you earlier this month about the magical Silhouette Portrait that my wonderful mom bought me as an early birthday present. Well, I’ve had some time to play with it & I am officially in love. So in love that I’m going to spoil a surprise that I made for my lovely bridesmaids by posting about what I made tonight (I’m 99.9% sure that out of each of these ladies, I will be the only one who is so freaking excited about this project anyway). Continue reading



Today marked a pretty big milestone for me both wedding and weight-wise. I officially crossed over the 30 pound weight loss mark (30.4 to be exact!) and hit my wedding dress ordering weight loss goal! I’m going to hold off on ordering until the weekend following this upcoming weekend because a) as I’m ordering my dress online & I need to find a local tailor to take my measurements & recommend a size for me, something I’ll go into more detail about in a moment (ordering from which has a real shop somewhere in Minnesota – I’m ordering an actual Mori Lee dress, not a Chinese replica) and b) I want to make sure I’ve solidly lost these 30 pounds… my weight has a tendency to creep up the day after I hit a milestone, so I don’t want to prematurely celebrate hitting my 30 pound goal. Continue reading

Bridal Limitations

I have a confession: I hate how long my hair is right now. I have a lot of really fine, color damaged hair. It gets tangled ridiculously easy, when I take the time to straighten it, it’s wavy again shortly later. If I don’t straighten it, it poofs out in a mini ‘fro. So usually I take the lazy route & pile it up on top of my head & call it a day. Continue reading

Pearl Bouquet: Part Three

I mentioned earlier that I was going to do some more crafting tonight — I quickly finished twenty more coasters & moved on to my pearl bouquet project. I managed to get through an entire 24-yard roll of 24 gauge wire so yay me!
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Pearl Bouquet: Part Two

Okay, I lied… One more post for January, then I’ll be quiet until Sunday most likely. I decided to break out my pearl bouquet to see exactly how much bouquet 24 yards of wire & five strands of pearls made.
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