Whoo hoo!

We had our weigh & measurement session at the gym tonight & yay! I got rid of some more inches! I think it was around 6 inches total… I swear I just look more awkward than ever now though, because I’m losing significantly more weight in the chest region than in the stomach region & lord knows that’s where I need to lose it most. Our neighbor works at the gym & she took her mom (our groomswoman!) & I around to show us all new weights/torture devices to try. I fully expect to wake up tomorrow magically skinnier. Continue reading

VistaPrint Groupon – Short Notice

Sorry for the extremely short notice on this – I meant to post about this last night, but my workout kicked my ass & made me forgetful. Continue reading

Problem Solved!

As mentioned the other day, I was pretty happy with our VistaPrint experience aside from one thing… our Save-the-Date magnets didn’t print very well thanks to my using size 9 font on them. Continue reading

We Got Mail!

Jason & I came home to a huge box waiting for us by the door. Continue reading