Bad Blogger.

I’ve been slacking in the blogging department lately! A lot has been going on the last few weeks… In the interest of not writing a 20-page blog entry, I’ll briefly summarize: Continue reading


Bridal Limitations

I have a confession: I hate how long my hair is right now. I have a lot of really fine, color damaged hair. It gets tangled ridiculously easy, when I take the time to straighten it, it’s wavy again shortly later. If I don’t straighten it, it poofs out in a mini ‘fro. So usually I take the lazy route & pile it up on top of my head & call it a day. Continue reading

Engagement Picture Prep

I’ve mentioned previously that Jason & I will be getting our engagement pictures taken soon. A month from tomorrow to be exact! I’m excited & nervous at the same time — nervous mainly that I’ll look as horrible as I typically look in pictures, despite having hair & makeup help lined up & a skilled photographer behind the lens. Continue reading


Jason & I fortunate enough to have some pretty awesome friends & family. Today, my cousin & I set up an appointment to have our engagement pictures taken on March 17th. Jason & I both hate having our picture taken, we’re not by any means naturally photogenic — which is why after nearly two years of dating we have three total pictures of the two of us… One which I would much prefer did not exist. Because of this, I am so glad we’re lucky enough to know a great photographer – I feel like that will make things much less awkward & we’ll be much more likely to capture at least one great picture of the two of us. If anyone in the Cincinnati area is looking for a great photographer, particularly if you have babies or young children, you should check out Daneane’s website at Forget-Me-Not Photography.
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