Sorry, again, for disappearing off the face of the earth. Things have been crazy lately, but unlike my last post, things have been crazy in great ways rather than in crappy ways. To begin with, last Friday, Jason officially got a promotion at work (we work for the same company in different departments, something I wouldn’t change for anything — some people say that work romances are bad news, but I love that I get to drive to and from work with my fiancĂ© every day, as well as that I can eat lunch with him every day). Then on Monday I got a promotion as well. So yay us! I’m still pretty psyched about that. With promotions comes extra work though & I’ve been busting my ass at work lately, so I haven’t had much time to brainstorm posts lately. Continue reading


Take Two!

You may have noticed a trend with the last few posts… I’ve been doing a lot of buying lately & not nearly as much crafting. Or at least not as much crafting that I’ve been writing about. I did knock out a few more spray painted vases the other day, although I estimate that I’m going to need about 7 more. Nothing new there though, so nothing worth posting about on that front. Continue reading

Another Package!

We came home to another package at the door today. This one I ordered right after Christmas & I kind of forgot about until I received a shipping notice yesterday. I really need to make a point to remember things I order or I’m sure I’ll start sending out money for all kinds of goods & services I never receive. Keeping track of money/any kind of math is not my strong point. That’s one of the reasons I’m marrying Jason, he can do that kind of stuff for me (I’m half joking here, I have some lovely Excel spreadsheets that I keep track of both wedding & regular expenses with)!
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Birthday Celebration

Sorry for the lack of new posts the last few days… I’ve been busy celebrating (& then recovering from) my 28th birthday on Saturday! My friends & I went to the casino on Saturday & while none of us were big winners, it was still a great time. We even got Jason to do a bit of gambling during his first trip ever to any casino. Whoo hooo! Afterwards my friend who is in town for the holidays & I split a bottle of wine & talked until 4 in the morning… Lets just say that made for an rough Sunday! Thankfully Jason & I have today off too so we can do a little relaxing & enjoy a belated birthday dinner at Maggiano’s tonight — the same place were we went to celebrate our one year anniversary back in June!
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