Revealed: Coffee Table & Living Room Revamp

I should never promise to post things the next day, as things have a way of not working out. Finishing up the coffee table took a bit longer than expected because I skipped one very important step (especially when you have two dogs in the house) — wiping the table down before polyurethaning the piece of furniture. By skipping this step I got tons of dog hair in the final finish and had to sand it, do some touch up painting and then polyurethane it a second time. Stupid. After all of that, I’m very happy with how it turned out, although we do need to seek out some new knobs asap.


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Let’s Get It Started!

Today is finally Thursday, thankfully. This week has dragged on far longer than it needed to. Thursday for me means that tomorrow is Friday & I can really start to work on the buffet renovation. In order to do that, I decided to take care of the prep work tonight.
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Bridesmaids, beware!

While Jason slept in this morning, I got sh*t done. Bridesmaids, you’re only allowed to see this next paragraph or so, then you need to stop reading or else you’ll ruin some of your surprises!

I began the day with spray painting my remaining chairs — I’m hoping to have the 5 remaining chairs polyurethaned by the end of the day so that we will have actual dining room chairs at our disposal again. It will be next weekend before I work on reupholstering these chairs, but at least they’ll be completely spray painted & ready to go.

After that, I got to work on wedding projects… Finishing up the other 50 pack of thank you cards then moving on to putting together a ribbon & lace back drop for our dessert table using ribbon & lace I had around the house left over from other projects. Excuse the quality of theses pictures — as I said, Jason was still asleep so in order to see it hanging, I had to hang it in the bathtub… With the shower curtain behind it, which sort of hides since a lit of the ribbons are light pink & white lace. Still, I love it in real life & am glad that it was such a quick & easy project.





All right, bridesmaids, it’s time for you to get on out of here — love you, but I want you to be surprised when you get your presents next year!

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Advice Needed: Next Home Project

On a non-wedding related note, I would really appreciate some advice on my next home improvement project now that I’ve done about all I can in the kitchen. Jason is going to have to handle the countertop installation as well as the floor installation, so it’s time for me to move on to my next project while he takes control in there.
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