Yesterday was my 29th birthday. It’s kind of surreal to think that in one more year I’ll be done with my twenties. On top of that I will be a wife. I think my 29th year has a high likelihood of being my best year yet. I feel like I’ve finally hit my stride professionally, I have by far the most amazing friends and family anyone could ever hope for, I’ve done a pretty good job of reigning in my debt so that Jason & I can focus on the future instead of paying for the past, I’ve lost 30 pounds and hope to continue my weight loss journey… I can’t think of any reason why this year shouldn’t be better than all the years past (not that past years were bad either!). So here’s to closing out my 20s in the best way possible!

Born & Raised

Jason’s favorite (living) guitarist is none other than John Mayer. He could happily listen to his guitar solos for the entire ride home from work, while I can’t stand music without lyrics (maybe because I have hearing aids & random sounds cause me a lot of irritation). The best thing about John Mayer is that he’s touring with Phil Phillips of American Idol fame, who I do love, love, love.

Well things worked out in both our favors, because my parents bought Jason & I tickets for his birthday. So tomorrow night we’re heading down to Riverbend in Cincinnati to see this:


Anyone seen these two in concert this summer? Or have you been to any good concerts at all this summer so far?

A Quarter Century & Some Random Thoughts

Tomorrow begins Jason’s birthday month — yes, I am one of those hardcore lovers of birthdays who believes people deserve more than just a day for their birthday. To be honest, June & July exist pretty much primarily for birthdays — in addition to Jason’s birthday, within about a month & a half spam we get to celebrate my Maid of Honor, two bridesmaids, our grooms woman, & my brother. Plus as some kind of weird twist, my two sisters & I are dating/engaged/married to three guys who are all born within 3 days of each other — Jason & my sister’s boyfriend both on July 15th. Continue reading

Birthday Celebration

Sorry for the lack of new posts the last few days… I’ve been busy celebrating (& then recovering from) my 28th birthday on Saturday! My friends & I went to the casino on Saturday & while none of us were big winners, it was still a great time. We even got Jason to do a bit of gambling during his first trip ever to any casino. Whoo hooo! Afterwards my friend who is in town for the holidays & I split a bottle of wine & talked until 4 in the morning… Lets just say that made for an rough Sunday! Thankfully Jason & I have today off too so we can do a little relaxing & enjoy a belated birthday dinner at Maggiano’s tonight — the same place were we went to celebrate our one year anniversary back in June!
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