About Me

My name is Amanda and I’m a 28 year old commercial real estate loan closer from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Vintage Lace & Pearls follows my wedding planning process, DIY home renovation, & weight loss attempts.


Things I Love:
-my fiancé, Jason
-our pups, Peko (pronounced Peck-o not Peek-o) & Benson

-My family
-Visiting my family in Florida & Arizona since no one lives in Ohio anymore
-My friends
-Wedding planning
-Home decorating & renovation
-Dresses, specifically dresses from Modcloth
-90s & early 2000s pop, emo, & punk music
-Ohio University
-NFL football & only NFL football — specifically the Bengals
Pretty Little Liars, Grey’s Anatomy, Glee, Criminal Minds, Sex & the City, Friends
The Hunger Games
-Blue, pink, & grey
-Chipotle & Maggiano’s
-Fall & sweater weather
-Things with character, be that a house, furniture or a person
-Thrift shops/flea markets/farmers markets

Things I’m Not a Fan of:
-Waiting… I am incredibly impatient
-Boredom… There’s always another project waiting for me
-Brass… It’s ugly & needs to go away
-Oak wood… Our house is full of it & I would love to get rid of every single bit of it
-Detail work… That’s what Jason is for 🙂
-Heavy snow that doesn’t result in a day off work
-New York City… Not my thing. I’m not a country girl, but I’m definitely not a city girl either. Suburbs suit me best. The same goes for the city of Cincinnati… I’d much prefer to live in the northeast suburbs than anywhere near the city or the “trendy” areas.
-Being so far away from my family… Hopefully we can fix that in the next few years.
-Arrogant/conceded people. I have absolutely no patience for them anymore. One of the best things about getting older is that I no longer give a crap about pretending to be nice to these kinds of people.
-Pants. Sweatpants & leggings are okay, but I’m really uncomfortable in jeans or work pants… I feel constrained.


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