Advocare: Day Six

Sick of all these Advocare posts yet? I apologize! I want to remember how I feel each day though and the progress that I’m making, so the next 18 days will probably continue with this trend. I’ll try to be brief when not much has changed from day-to-day though!

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Whoo hoo!

We had our weigh & measurement session at the gym tonight & yay! I got rid of some more inches! I think it was around 6 inches total… I swear I just look more awkward than ever now though, because I’m losing significantly more weight in the chest region than in the stomach region & lord knows that’s where I need to lose it most. Our neighbor works at the gym & she took her mom (our groomswoman!) & I around to show us all new weights/torture devices to try. I fully expect to wake up tomorrow magically skinnier. Continue reading


Our neighbor (& groomswoman!) & I finally made it back to the gym tonight… We have been such gym slackers, although I’ve been okay about walking on the treadmill in our basement for the past few weeks. Actually getting up & leaving the house has proven to be a challenge. I blame the cold. And my laziness.
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Juicing Day Two & Ramblings

My first day of juicing went well… This stuff actually tastes really great, despite looking pretty disgusting (I won’t go into detail about what Jason said it looks like). I walked on the treadmill for an hour last night too, so yay me! I weighed myself first thing this morning, hopeful that one good day would magically make me skinny…
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Two More Days

I only have two more days of posting to do before I reach my goal of posting every day of January & naturally I’ve completely run out of wedding related topics. Just my luck! Semi-wedding related based solely on the fact that I’d like to be much thinner when I make my walk down that aisle in a beautiful white dress, I did make it to the gym today… Finally. I’ve been working out on the treadmill in our basement on & off, but honestly other than making it in for a weigh-in at the beginning of January, I haven’t been to the gym since right before Thanksgiving.
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