Suzy Homemaker is a B*tch

You would think that with 3 months to go, I would be in full blown wedding mode. Instead I have skipped over to Suzy Homemaker mode, focusing on redecorating, cleaning and organizing around the house.

I mentioned this to my sister, who got married nearly two years ago (how did that happen?) and she said she felt the same way right before the wedding. She wanted to learn how to cook, have the cleanest house and be the perfect “pre-wife” for her fiancé. That sounds about right to me. The problem with learning how to cook 3 months before the wedding is that I’m still trying to lose some more weight too, which means I have to get my ass to the gym on a regular basis. When I get home I have no motivation to eat anything that isn’t quick and simple. Sometimes (far more frequently than I should) I counteract a workout by ordering a pizza. Work, wedding planning, cleaning, and working out can wear you out… The easiest route wins some days. Same thing with cleaning, although I’m more successful with that because it’s much easier to do in short bursts than all at once.

On that note, I flipped out on future hubs this week for not striving to maintain the perfect (or you know, better than usual) home space that I feel is so necessary right now. Poor guy never saw that coming. 😦 I blame a mix of stress and PMS for that one. Sorry, Jason!

Even though I’m actively focusing on all this home related stuff, wedding stuff is constantly playing in the back of my mind. I literally cannot turn it off. I’m to the point where it’s not May 31st that I can’t wait for, it’s June 1st when I’m married to my favorite person and we can finally move beyond all this wedding stuff and I can learn to cook (maybe) and skip a day or week at the gym without worrying that my dress won’t zip.

So, family and friends, if you come into contact with me in the next 92 days and I seem stressed, bitchy, distracted, irritated, self-centered or exhausted I apologize in advance. I truly am sorry.


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