Silhouette Portrait

Guess what?! My awesome mom bought me the Silhouette Portrait as an early birthday present. They were running a special (and still are through October 5th, I believe if you use the code “LEFT” at checkout, courtesy of 7th House on the Left) that let’s you buy the Portrait and the glass etching set for $129.99 ($155-something after shipping). It’s usually $179.99 plus shipping for just the machine, so I was psyched to stumble into this deal the very same week that I started obsessively researching the Silhouette machines online.
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Pearl Bouquet: Part Three

I mentioned earlier that I was going to do some more crafting tonight — I quickly finished twenty more coasters & moved on to my pearl bouquet project. I managed to get through an entire 24-yard roll of 24 gauge wire so yay me!
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Final Product

To begin, my co-worker & friend (who is sort of the annoying extra sister that I never wanted), Sassy, decided that her job for the wedding was going to be to force me to start working out again since I’ve been seriously slacking in that department. If I don’t go, she’ll be horribly mean to me & quite irritating, so it’s easier just to get on the damn treadmill. She’s perfect for the roll & I appreciate her forcing me to go.
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Two Outta Three

One of the more vital parts of my coaster crafting project arrived today… Ridiculously fast shipping – I just ordered this on the 19th & yesterday was a holiday! Continue reading

Crafting Time!

As I hinted earlier this week, I have been gathering some materials for another craft project. This morning, I forced Jason to hook up the printer he bought me for my birthday & printed out 10 sheets of vintage printables on a white shimmery card stock I picked up from Michaels last month. I love the quality of this printer, it printed beautifully & quickly… Definitely points in its favor for my plan to DIY my invitations down the road! Continue reading