Bad Blogger.

I’ve been slacking in the blogging department lately! A lot has been going on the last few weeks… In the interest of not writing a 20-page blog entry, I’ll briefly summarize: Continue reading



Things that have/are happening this week:
1) Jason moved to the new building at work. It is super weird and I’m not really a fan at all.
2) we ordered what may be Jason’s wedding suit from Macy’s. Hopefully it’s the right color, fit and I can find a matching vest. As it is the in-store selection at Macy’s (especially the Macy’s near us) sucks and the Joseph A. Bank near us still had yet to get the suit Jason wants in stock & doesn’t know when, if ever, it will arrive. So fingers crossed the suit I picked today works out.
3) My sister/bridesmaid, niece/flower girl, & the world’s best mom come into town on Friday. My psyched level is at an all time high, Can. Not. Wait.
4) Wedding invitations are being mailed out on Friday. It’s time, let’s get this party started, ya’ll! They are stuffed, addressed, stamped and ready to go.
5) I have two bridal showers to attend this weekend, first one thrown by my friends on Saturday and the second thrown by my family & including Jason’s family on Sunday. It’s going to be a whirlwind of a weekend & I cannot wait!

Now that wedding day is fast approaching it really feels like time is just flying by. Twenty days fly by just like a single day. It’s crazy. Final decisions are being made left and right — ie. we’ll be having the ceremony inside the barn rather than at the gazebo now due to a variety of reasons. This is by far the most exciting and nerve-racking time of my life to date by far!

Revealed: Coffee Table & Living Room Revamp

I should never promise to post things the next day, as things have a way of not working out. Finishing up the coffee table took a bit longer than expected because I skipped one very important step (especially when you have two dogs in the house) — wiping the table down before polyurethaning the piece of furniture. By skipping this step I got tons of dog hair in the final finish and had to sand it, do some touch up painting and then polyurethane it a second time. Stupid. After all of that, I’m very happy with how it turned out, although we do need to seek out some new knobs asap.


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Making It Ours

About a month ago, I scored a great deal at the Salvation Army — $10 for a huge, solid coffee table. It was beat up, with bumps and scrapes and most noticeably a corner that had fallen off and then been poorly reattached. Still, I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it because I had come to hate our laminate topped coffee table which was peeling on the edges and wanted something sturdier, ideally with a drawer for remotes, which this one does have! Continue reading

Suzy Homemaker is a B*tch

You would think that with 3 months to go, I would be in full blown wedding mode. Instead I have skipped over to Suzy Homemaker mode, focusing on redecorating, cleaning and organizing around the house. Continue reading