Let’s Talk Music (Note to Self)

This post may be more for me than anything else. It seems like the closer we get to wedding, the less likely I am to remember any of the ideas I come up with unless I write them down immediately — it’s entirely possible that as I am currently 2 months away from turning 29 this could be age induced memory loss too, but let’s blame the wedding, mmmkay? Continue reading

Indecisive: The Long Road to Saying “Yes” to the Dress

One constant throughout the last 13 months is my indecisiveness, especially when it comes to my dress. I’ve been dress shopping in Dayton, Cincinnati, Orlando, and Phoenix. I’ve been to Aldred Angelo (Dayton & Orlando/Alatamonte Springs), Cincinnati’s Bridal District, and Strut Bridal. I can honestly say I’ve had pretty good experiences at every place I’ve been, despite being a street size 18 (maybe a 16 now? My size 18 jeans were falling off me yesterday!). Today I went to a plus size bridal shop to have one final dress searching experience, since I am down 30 pounds since I last tried on dresses & because I am so damn indecisive when it comes to dresses. With 7 months to go, it is time to get my dress order in at last!

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Silhouette Portrait Heat Transfers

You guys. I told you earlier this month about the magical Silhouette Portrait that my wonderful mom bought me as an early birthday present. Well, I’ve had some time to play with it & I am officially in love. So in love that I’m going to spoil a surprise that I made for my lovely bridesmaids by posting about what I made tonight (I’m 99.9% sure that out of each of these ladies, I will be the only one who is so freaking excited about this project anyway). Continue reading

Articulating Man Lift

Jason & I woke up bright & early this morning to go to a tool rental store & pick up an articulating man lift. With the help of my brother, Jason’s dad, Jason’s boss man, & our neighbors we got a giant dying tree cut down in our front yard in approximately 8 hours for a grand total of $ 185 (cost of the rental), rather than the $1,000+ it would have cost to have the tree professionally cut down. Jason’s boss also cut out the big ugly shrubs that framed our front door when I told him how much I hated them… I ran up to Home Depot & filled I that area with some 50% off flowers… Pretty excited about that.

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ModCloth: Private Labels!

It took every last bit of a 30 pound weight loss, but I’ve noticed this week that my dresses are starting to get a bit loose. I think it’s about time to start looking for some new clothes! The vast majority of my dresses come from ModCloth, so naturally that’s the first place I’m going to look. I love ModCloth, because they are one of the few retailers who recognize that being plus size doesn’t mean that you don’t want to dress cutely. And I just received an email this morning stating that ModCloth has recently added two new private labels: Myrtlewood and Bea & Dot.

I am obsessed with these Myrtlewood dresses:

Give a Little Glisten Dress in Teal

Notably Neighborly Dress

Business Lunch Break Dress

I also love these Bea & Dot dresses:

Spark a Connection Dress

A Biscuit a Basket Dress

If you’re new to the greatness that is Modcloth, click here & get $20 off! ModCloth – Share The Love & Earn Extra Credit!

Bonus: ModCloth always has FREE US shipping on orders $50+.