The Glass Barn

Approximately 100 years ago, I began working on my Mason jar centerpieces. Well, I glued lace to every Mason jar I owned at the time, put those away in our basement, & haven’t thought much of it sense. The problem with this is I only did 13 large Mason jars & only 7 small Mason jars… I need one for each table & I’m estimating we will have 20 tables total. I keep meaning to buy more Mason jars, but I didn’t actually make a list of exactly how many more I needed of each type until last week. Yesterday, I decided that Jason & I were finally going to hit up The Glass Barn in Cincinnati’s Wedding District.

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A Toolbox for My Crafts

Jason & I were super productive on this beautiful day… Laundry & dishes done, kitchen clean first thing this morning & then we moved inside to tackle a car issue (thank goodness Jason is a car guy & can fix a leaky gasket & leaking oil issue… I don’t even know what a gasket is!) & getting our yard cleaned up & ready for spring (my flowers are starting to force their way out of the ground!). After that we went out to Harbor Freight for the second time this weekend so Jason could get a toolbox for his massive amount of tools.
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I made two purchases on etsy today for a craft that I plan on starting this weekend… Continue reading

The Birdcage: Part Two

The decision was made & I have now spray painted the birdcage card holder I showed everyone about in Part One.
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The Birdcage: Part One

As mentioned in my last post, I bought a bright orange birdcage card holder the other day for about $8. Not a bad price, although it is a bad color. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Cincinnati Bengals enough to name my dogs, Peko (Domata Peko) & Benson (former Bengal, Cedric Benson) after them, but orange is down there with one of my least favorite colors on earth. Continue reading