Sorry, again, for disappearing off the face of the earth. Things have been crazy lately, but unlike my last post, things have been crazy in great ways rather than in crappy ways. To begin with, last Friday, Jason officially got a promotion at work (we work for the same company in different departments, something I wouldn’t change for anything — some people say that work romances are bad news, but I love that I get to drive to and from work with my fiancĂ© every day, as well as that I can eat lunch with him every day). Then on Monday I got a promotion as well. So yay us! I’m still pretty psyched about that. With promotions comes extra work though & I’ve been busting my ass at work lately, so I haven’t had much time to brainstorm posts lately. Continue reading


Final Guest List

I hope everyone had a great weekend! It was my 10 year high school reunion & I had a blast seeing everyone who showed up. I did put my Paleo diet on the sidelines for the weekend and gorged on delicious food & far more alcoholic beverages than I should have had. As a result I am painfully hungover today. Somehow, I managed to rally despite the hangover & got quite a few wedding related tasks completed.
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Hotel Block Help Needed

So awhile back I set up a block of rooms at a hotel near our wedding venue. They have great prices for the area & a free shuttle to & from the hotel, so I was happy to have easily marked the task off my to-do list. I put the information for the hotel in our wedding invitations & we were all set.
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Vendor Roundup

Now that we have all our vendors selected, I thought I’d do a short post listing them all, along with links in case anyone in the Cincinnati area is looking for awesome, budget friendly wedding vendors.

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Save-the-Dates: Final Product

We haven’t left for Florida just yet… We leave tonight when Jason gets home for work. I’m sitting at home “supervising” the installation of our new air conditioning unit & as luck would have it, the final thing that I needed to complete our Save-the-Dates arrived in the mail today! Continue reading