Suit Up!

Jason, his brother and I went on a suit buying outing today. Not knowing a thing about suits, I figured it’d be a good idea to do a preliminary suit searching so we can figure out what color of gray suit Jason will be wearing (which then determines what color of gray the groomsmen will be wearing) and where we should make this suit purchase.

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Ties for the Guys

I just stumbled into an incredible deal on neckties for the groom & groomsmen to wear on our wedding day. I can’t remember whether or not I’ve mentioned our plans for the men’s attire yet, but they will be wearing medium grey pants, a light blue shirt & a navy tie. Jason will be taking that look one step further by wearing a grey suit, light blue shirt & navy tie. Continue reading

Another Package!

We came home to another package at the door today. This one I ordered right after Christmas & I kind of forgot about until I received a shipping notice yesterday. I really need to make a point to remember things I order or I’m sure I’ll start sending out money for all kinds of goods & services I never receive. Keeping track of money/any kind of math is not my strong point. That’s one of the reasons I’m marrying Jason, he can do that kind of stuff for me (I’m half joking here, I have some lovely Excel spreadsheets that I keep track of both wedding & regular expenses with)!
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Personalized Hangers

I stumbled upon this deal over at Weddingbee & wanted to take a moment to share…
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