I Lied

So I lied… I couldn’t keep myself from not doing anything wedding related this weekend. I ran out to grab us food after taking the pups on individual walks around the neighborhood (hello, nice weather!) & stopped by Redbox to pick up a movie too… Despite not particularly liking the Twilight series, I couldn’t stop myself & rented the one that just came out, then returned home to cuddle up with Benson (Jason wouldn’t watch this crap) & about 10 minutes in I got antsy & decided to break out my escort cards project. Continue reading

Repurposing Business Cards

I previously posted about my plan to use the Wedding Party App at our reception & today I purchased something that I’m hoping will encourage as many people as possible to use them. Continue reading

Play That Funky Music

Another day, another wedding task marked off the list. We’re crazy early, I know, but we officially have a deejay! Continue reading

Fit for a Wedding

Bridesmaid Katie sent me a message on Facebook about wedding songs just a second ago & I swear its like she’s reading my mind.
Continue reading