Bad Blogger.

I’ve been slacking in the blogging department lately! A lot has been going on the last few weeks… In the interest of not writing a 20-page blog entry, I’ll briefly summarize: Continue reading


Operation Sephora: Bridal Makeover

Yesterday, I had an appointment at our local Sephora, set up by my friend/bridesmaid/wedding makeup guru through Basically, so long as you commit to spending a minimum of $50 (which I definitely did), they’ll give you a makeover for … Continue reading

Back to the Wedding

I’m back with the regularly scheduled wedding planning. Our wedding is 115 days from today & it is time to make the final few purchases, finalize some details and organize, organize, organize.
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Advocare: Day Twenty

Day 20 and things are looking good. 236.8 pounds this morning after a 60 minute/603 calorie burning treadmill session last night. I celebrated by trying on my wedding dress, because that is a reward for me these days. It is soooo close to fitting, if I could just find a way to harness these boobs of mine in. I think I’m going to going to order my longline bra this week so I can see if that makes a difference at all in the way it fits. Continue reading

Suit Up!

Jason, his brother and I went on a suit buying outing today. Not knowing a thing about suits, I figured it’d be a good idea to do a preliminary suit searching so we can figure out what color of gray suit Jason will be wearing (which then determines what color of gray the groomsmen will be wearing) and where we should make this suit purchase.

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