Advocare: Day Twenty-One

555 calories burnt. That’s how I kicked off the day, plus weights. I was looking at my thighs while on one of the weight machines and noticed that they really have shrunk a ton. It feels really good to notice changes like that. Granted, smaller thighs aren’t going to help me fit into my wedding dress properly, but I can’t really judge the size of my back fat appropriately since I can’t really see it on a regular basis.

Back to my workout, I felt really good today. This is my third workout this week and my goal has been four workouts a week, so I pushed myself to do an hour on the treadmill today in addition to the hour I did on Thursday. I swear I will be better about going this week. I know that if I really want to change my body’s composition I need to keep it up with the gym. No pill is going to magically going to give me lean muscles in all the right places. Three more days of Advocare after this, so four more days until I give my review of the products I’ve been using.


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